Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Adding Details

When working on a project, I have a (very loose) set of steps to fall back on if I'm not sure what to do next. The first one is; do the givens first. If you get busy and take care of the most necessary and obvious elements initially, then you're free to get more creative. At this point, I'm taking a more critical look at the quilt and letting it tell me what it needs next. What stood out to me is, add texture!! So, I unified the different elements with hand stiching in the same dark blue thread color. Now that that's done, I'm seeing that it needs some machine stitching over the top. And my question is: what to use for batting? I don't want to use the same fleece I've used for the last few projects. I'd like to find something one step thinner and easier to deal with. What about felt? I've never tried it, but maybe this is the time to take the plunge!

One of my new transparent collages

Summer Dance

Summer Dance
One of my collages