Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Last Minute Show Deadline

I only found out about this a week ago - but I really wanted to do an entry. This is a show at a local arts center which has music venues, and the theme of the show is irresistible to me: spirituality! I have in mind to do a diptych and mount it on two canvases, since this isn't a fiber art show, but a regular art show in all media. I'm using thermofax screens and other bits and pieces I already have, so hopefully I'll get it done enough to send in a photo day after tomorrow. I still need to do some hand stitching and some free motion quilting. It's a good chance to use my new Janome HD1000 - I have it set up for free motion quilting, and I'm really trying to build my skills.

One of my new transparent collages

Summer Dance

Summer Dance
One of my collages