Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Landscape Scene: Step by Step

I've chosen a photograph of the Colorado Monument in Grand Junction for a medium large art quilt. The first layer of color is warm reds and earth tones, like the gorgeous rock formations themselves.
(The Monument is a well kept secret, right next to Grand Junction. We go every year to hike and taste wine, and when people see our pictures they say, "Where IS this? - It's amazing!!!")
I spritzed the plain white cotton fabric with water, and scrunched it into mountain-like formations. Then, I brushed loose washes of color over the tops. (Always iron to heat-set when dry). I'm now ready for the next set of colors - cool shadow tones. Continue to scroll down to see more.
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Laying In Shadows

The landscape I'm doing is a morning scene, with the light and shadows I love. (Photographers call this the golden hour). The first layer of warm tones is dry, so I re-wet it with my spritzer. The cooler red-purple and blue-purple layers are soft and loose. I'll add definition in the next step.
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Adding Crevices

I'm using watercolor pencils on top of the larger areas of color; putting jagged lines as in the photographs I'm looking at. (Spritz with water just a little here to deepen tones - not saturating enought to lose definition).
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New art Quilt Composition

I'm laying out my latest bits; gelatin prints, freezer paper stencils, layered painted fabric, etc. I'm planning on sewing it together, top stitching, then I'll glue it to a large canvas.
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One of my new transparent collages

Summer Dance

Summer Dance
One of my collages